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Folk Music and Dance

Bluecity walls works extensively with folk artists of Rajasthan for various projects like music festivals, special occasions, weddings, gatherings. On request, we also conduct an informative Rajsthani folk music sessions for students, groups and music lovers.


(a synonym for desert in Rajasthani)

Raitila is mix of musicians from two well known communities, Manganiar and Langa. This project has been created to preserve the folk music of Western Rajasthan.

Raitila’s music celebrates changing seasons, birth, life and nature. The music has a deep connection with the lives of the people in Thar desert of India.

Raitila intends to maintain that connection of sand in its tunes, melodies and songs and their repertoire has been passed on to them through generations. Raitila has come together with a promise to preserve, archive and promote the music which belongs to the roots, which is pure and has a feel of the rustic life of the Thar Desert